Double Blade Sickle Bar Mower

Double Blade Sickle Bar Mower


Double Blade Sickle Bar Mower

General Features :

It is connected to the tractor with 3 hanger systems and works with the movement it receives from the tail shaft.

The two blades move in the opposite direction on top of each other, cutting shear.

There are no harpses on the blades in this model.

The automatic protection mechanism on it is switched on when it is stuck in an obstacle, preventing damage to the machine.

The wing behind the cutting section opens the tractor wheel space, preventing the harvested product from being crushed and damaged by the wheel. It can be used even in small garden type tractors that do not tire the tractor.

The cutting part position adjustment is hydraulically adjusted before going down the tractor.

The blades work in each position (including in the upright position).

It can be used efficiently in harvesting green feed crops and legumes.


Mowing Width: 170 cm.

Number of Leaf Blades: 45 Pcs               

36 Straight Blades.              

8 Straight Pin Blades.               

1 Reverse Blade.

Weight: 200 kg.                     

Tail Shaft Speed: 540 rpm.

Tractor Power : 25 Hp.

Cutting Part Position Adjustment: With Hydraulic Piston.