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We started to work by repairing some agricultural tools and equipments in a 60m2 place in 1979. We fallowed the changing and developping agricultural technology and tried to response of our farmers demands. In order to supply the needs of our customers, we had a workshop which has got a 2000 m2 closed area and a 12000 m2 open area and completing the necessary equipments and hardweares in there.It became a modern factory which has a capacity of todays modern agricultural machinery with a satisfactory technology. Our Mission *By giving a high Standard of qualified service, to take the customers’ satisfaction to a great level * To be recpectful against the time and the rights of our customers. * To increase the satisfaction and the moral valuesof our employees. * To do our responsibilities against the humanity,against our environment, and against universal values
Paksan Makina is one of the most important producer of baler in Turkey and the World, founded by Ozhan Pak and his partners in 1970. Robot welding machines, CNC workbenches, laser cutting machines, SolidWorks drawing program and using the latest technology such as world-class machines are produced. Paksan, which has developed its product range every day, continues to add new products to its business. In addition to the production of Baler Machine, it has also added the production of Round Baler Machines, Horizontal and Vertical Feed Mixers,Self-Propelled and Row Independent Silage Machine , Tillage Machines, Movers and Rakes, Silage Packing Machines.
UNLU AgriGroup is a company aims to deliver most technological farm machines that meets demand of global farmers. UNLU AgriGroup manufacture decent farm machines on 3 outstanding production sites equipped with latest modern machine parks. One of the most valuable worth for UNLU AgriGroup is customer satisfaction. We aware and believe that global brand is brought by good quality products as well as Customer Care. Efficieny of soil and seed is brought by good soil implementation and experience. UNLU AgriGroup is experienced for 46 years and global company on agriculture industry. Our modern vision leads us to make investments on research and design for technological agricultural equipments that meets modern day global farming need. This is what makes UNLU AgriGroup special on AgriBusiness.
ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY is the biggest company in Turkey and is one of the few leading companies in the world in agricultural equipment sector. The company is rendering services in modern facilities established on totally 50.000 square meters area, including a closed area of 30.000m2, located in Umurlu Organized Industrial Zone. ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY is proceeding to the future with reliance and synergy by more than 200 creative, productive and well experienced employees working with the ambition and enthusiasm to manufacture better and higher quality products day by day. As a means of quality control ALPLER does not allow others to influence the quality of its products, for this purpose. The company has obtained an integrated and high quality production dimension by the help of ALP CELIK rolling facilities established in Izmit as well as ALP CIVATA, bolt manufacturing facility affiliated to the ALPLER group. ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY also maintains leadership in business as the only company, which manufactures all the parts and raw materials for its finished products in its own premises, and which applies heat treatment in its modern facilities. As a result of many years of experience, ALPLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY has the widest manufacturing and after-sales service program in Turkey; the company has adopted a customer oriented administration and Total Quality policy, and provides the farmers in Turkey, and in the world, with the possibility to select THE SOUNDEST… THE MOST RELIABLE… THE MOST STABLE… THE MOST FAVORABLE… ploughs. Those ploughs are provided with ease of use with all brands of tractors in every soil condition. ALPLER has also become a trademark, which is appreciated, dependable and in demand in both domestic and foreign markets.
Our company has been producing , pumpkin harvester machines since 1978 in Turkey in where located in Nevsehir With 37 years’ experience, our company is the first pumpkin seed harvester producer and nowadays market leader in Turkey. Our development is supported by our values. So, values have contributed to our success and the growth of the SIMAX brand for nearly 37 years! Core of our successes are continual improve, involve employees and develop synergies through SIMAX. We are well aware that our growth and profitability depend on the satisfaction and loyalty of our customers. To develop these, we must: Understand our customers’ needs, Provide high quality and innovative products that provide the best value, Provide accessible and reliable support services. Thanks to our well-structured organisation and business philosophy in innovative approaches in what we take every steps serious. Our work builds our name: MAX Success and Integrity. SIMAX.
In 1969 start Uyanik Yataganli business life to manufacture agriculture machines, with his stability and quality manufacturing comprhension develops in a short time and become an important place in the sector whit the improving of the service net.

Nowadays keeps it on to serve with quality, with the manuacturing of straw suciton fan, drum meadow cutting machine based on agricultural industry working machines in a 2500 m square open, 5000 m sqare closed and total 7500 m sqare area.

Uyanik Yataganli who meets the needs in the home general also is connecting with international companies, it continues nonstop with his workings to answer the machine demands of different companies of his wide customer billford at first Sudan Maroccoi, Libya and Cyprus.

Our Mission: Uyanik Yataganli is a company which don′t make a concession with the quality and confidence principles of his products and services, circumference sensitive, in the direction of his aim and strategies is it concordant by the technological development and changings in the agricultual machine sectore.

Our View : To be a prefered brand at home and also in foreign countries in the product and service area of the agriculture machine sector.